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Hi there,

I am writing to seek advice on what to do with my current situation.

I will start by telling my complete story:
Almost 2 years ago I came to Australia under a TR visa to live with my partner in Australia. About 1 year later he told me he wanted to finish so we separated but I didn't inform immigration & neither did he. I believe that soon the paperwork will come from immmigration asking us to prove we have lived together as a couple for the last 2 years. My issue is the following

- He has stated he will not support me to get PR. He has clearly stated he will not help me at all on this. I also believe he may have another girlfriend from overseas that he wishes to bring to Australia soon which is all the more reason why he does not want to help me.

I want to try my best to stay living in Australia. What should I do to stand the best chance of that happening?

- Currently I am not sure what to do. Should I tell immigration