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Hi the certificarte of Title to my home was destoryed in an accident ten years ago and l never got around to replacing it. l thought it was just a simple thing , just asking for a copy from the lands title office and they give you one, but l now realise thats not the case , its not simple. l did an online search and l am named on the certifite of title as the registered proprietor as l expected to find.  There is an application for a new certificite of title but it seems complex, should l do it myself or should l hire a conveyancor or solicitor .? If l do it myself l think the governemnt fees come to about $700, how much extra would it cost if l get a conveyncer or solitcor to do it? Also l read l need to get statutory declarations from everyone who has had possession of the title , would that just be me or would l need to track down the previous owner of the house who had possession of the title once? l think l also need to provide a copy of the rates notice. Does anyone here have any experience or knowledge of repalcing a lost certificate of title in victoia and can give me infoamtion or advice on the replacemtn process, thanks