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8 Comments  Criminal law, traffic matters, DUI, assault, theft, fraud
Hello there. I am living overseas and plan to go back to Australia. However there are charges against me from an armed assault and recklessly causing serious injury from 2007. There is a warrant for my arrest in Vic. I have been in contact with the detective in charge of my case via e-mails and he promised me, that I'll get bail as long as I notify him of the date of my arrival back and go and see him the next day to get the bail. However this seems to bee too unreliable too me. The question is: How much will it cost for me to have a lawyer contact the said detective and to formally obtain a letter of bail BEFORE I come to Australia. That ll provided that police already agree to have me on bail. I need to know whether that will be require a few letter send and cost a 1000$ or take months and set me back a lot more.