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Ok so back in 2006 i was employed by a small family business as their receptionist. Being a small company there were no contracts signed no letter of employment nothing just you can start on this date.
In 2008 this small company was sold out to a large corporation which until recently was fine but as of last year i found out through payroll that this large company has my start date as 2007 and not 2006. When this mistake was found i contacted my HR department to advise them of the error. I was told that this was the date they were given by my former employee. I then provided them with my completed 05/06 tax return showing the company details on there they are now saying ok prove to us you were not hired as a casual employee for the first year. which obviously i cant as i dont have a contract.
Is there anything i can do legally about this? It just feels like their way of not paying out on the long service leave.
All help is much appreciated.