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Hi there,

A while ago my wife and I purchased a vehicle, as her pervious job gave her a company car, and then she went to another job for what she thought was a step up. When we financed the vehicle we purchased insurance to protect the repayments should my wife or myself become unemployed. The stand down period was 14 days, and my wife needed to be employed for 14 days prior to the insurance being taken out for the insurance to be effective. This condition was complied with easily as she had been employed for a number of months before she was dismissed without reason from her employment. Details of this can be found in the employment law thread.

We made a claim against this insurance after my wife became unemployed almost two months ago. We have repeatedly contacted the insurance company who's response is that "We will get to it when we get to it".

We have continued making repayments to the loan on the vehicle, but our reserves are drying up and the insurance company are not processing the claim yet. We were asked to provide evidence weekly that my wife was seeking employment and this has been done. The insurance company have acknowleged receipt of this evidence.

So, I have two questions;
Firstly, what can I do to accelerate the claim. This has gone on too long.
Secondly, if I lose the vehicle because we cannot continue repayments because the insurance did not kick in do I have grounds for recompense from the insurer. We have lost over 50% of our income, and as a result we are struggling.