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My ex husband took me to court and I had an injuction placed on me, I am the mother of a 10yr old girl, the injuction was to stop me taking my daughter out of the city metro area, I was moving only 2hrs away to a country town, the reason for the move was to get married to my fiance' who owns his home in this town which is now my home to. My ex and I have just this one child and we have been apart for 6 1/2 yrs and divorced for 2, I was on my own along time and during this time we had a reasonably comfortable relationship, and he saw his daughter as much as he liked and I often let him get away with alot to keep things peaceful, I am a nice person and wanted my daughter to have a good relationship with her father.

But then I met someone special and now its all become hard and the ex is a nightmare! We went to court and was homeless for aweek the worst week ever! waiting to hear if I could join my fiance' and the rest of my belongings that the removelists had delivered to my fiance's home afew days before, such good timing, I was renting and at the end of my lease and moving out when I got the summons to court, if it was'nt for my sister my daughter and I would have been on the street, this is his daughter to, he says he had no choice but to seek legal power! Anyway we have a court order to go by now and my ex is a shift worker and it is all about his roster and we must comply! And though I signed it at the time I just wanted to leave and be with my fiance and daughter in our home that awaited us. Now so much is effecting us. ie: Driving 2 1/2 hrs to his place of residence for a Saturday night 8.30pm and deliver daughter and having nowhere to go and driving tired all the way back, then having to be back up again on the Sunday at 4pm or 7pm. Alot of driving with a young tired child at bedtime hours, our weekends disrupted alot, we are trying to change the orders and he hads to agree or we get knowhere, do you think he is being unfair to his child and unreasonable to me?