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Do published letters to the editor , have to be accommodated with a published response letter from the editor .? A letter was published in a local publication , the local publication was recently initiated by the local community , ... My name and others were included in the letter that was published. I was not contacted about the letter. The letter seeked to defame four councilors and named them . there was no accomodating published response. Is this illegal? Willing to pursue legal avenues as the publication in question has leaned towards slander, of everything in this small community, that the publishers do not see fit, and is causing division and bias. Although the paper started nicely , the publishers or editors are now seeking to defame anything that doesn’t suit them, which has lead to division of this town , almost to the point of harassment. Although I am a public figure , can I ask that my name be refrained from being used in their paper. Thankyou