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Hi everyone. I'm looking to send my EX a letter in regards to her coming to pick up hers and the our children's personal belongings from the FDFH which is going up for sale in the next 2 weeks and would like some advice as to whether this letter I've drafted will be suitable or is it not??
I am not expecting her to accept my offer, but the way I'm looking at it is it will appear that I'm trying to do the right thing if she tries to suggest otherwise in court.
Am I doing the right thing by sending a letter to her.??

Dear Sirs,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank your client for signing and finalising the FDFH Listing documents as was required by Sean Durham (Ray white realty) so the FDFH can be photographed and marketing can commence.

Over the last month or so, I have been preparing the property and making sure it will be marketed in a clean, neat, tidy and presentable manner.

However there is still a few personal belongings at the FDFH that your client may want retrieved before it is open for inspection (HOME OPEN).

To make sure that the children receive the personal belongings that they are wanting retrieved from the property and that no items requested are left behind by your client as was last time in April

I would now ask you to please discuss with your client to ascertain if she would be prepared to work amicably with myself on this matter so that the best possible outcome will be achieved.

I therefore request that your client post a list of personal belongings she would like retrieved from the FDFH, along with a list of belongings that both the children would like retrieved from the FDFH and mail them to (address of FDFH)

As I have packed up a lot of the children's belongings and taken them to storage elsewhere, So I'd ask that your client take URGENT attention to this matter and will forward the lists on to the FDFH, no later than 4th February 2016.

I will collect together the belongings as requested in the lists provided to the best of my ability and have them ready for pickup from the FDFH on the 9th February 2016 between 11:00am - 1:00pm.

Yours Truly