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Hi All,

I work for an SME who are proposing to change the structure of the waywe get paid (much to many of my coworkers displeasure).  I washoping to get some advice as to the legality of what they are doing.

Current situation:
Full time permanent
Hourly paid - i.e. we do a minimum of 40 hours per week however if we do 41 we get paid for 41 hours.
We have sick leave and annual leave
Public holidays must be worked to get paid - we can take them as unpaid leave or as annual leave.
The above is all stated in the contract I signed when I started.

Proposed situation:
Permanent salary
Overtime unpaid
Possible time off in lieu but not on a 1 for 1 basis.  All to be negotiated on an individual basis.

Due to the nature of our work we do a lot of weird and longhours.  The proposed situation puts us in a position where we maybe expected to work at any time day or night with no added remunerationor time off.

Can we be forced into this if our original contracts did not specifyit?  I asked what would happen if I did not accept the new termsand was told I would be in a position to resign.  Seems a bitharsh.

Anyway any advice would be greatly appreciated.