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Our lease will expire on the 20 feb 2021, we have applied for so many houses over the last 7 weeks but we still haven't got one, we are great tenants that are never late with rent/water (or any bill for that matter) always keep the premise clean and tidy. Our landlord knows that the 3 of us (all adults) have chronic illnesses and my hubby just finished up cancer treatment and we advised them that we are still looking but haven't found a house yet and we can't move till we do, and they said their hands are tied as the owner wants to sell...we know this as she has taken the kitchen cupboard/drawers off to be redone etc...even though I asked them to wait till we move...but what rights do we have after the 20th...I'm not becoming homeless so she can sell a house. We have also been told it is so hard to find a house because of all the people who are coming back into the country sincee covid started and need housing there just isn't enough...and we live in if anyone can give advice on what we can do...I'm sure she will start eviction as soon as she can as she is pretty money hungry...that would be great!!