by Caroline  23/10/2020  0 Page Views
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Abt 2 weeks ago, I got an Unsolicited email from an advertiser (I did not know of) offering me opportunity to place ad in their alleged online and hard copy material. Naturally, I replied to question their readership numbers, how long they had been in operation, and where one can access their online and hard copy material. 

The original sender (who is allegedly the editor / owner), did not take kindly to this, or to example set down by my experience with distribution of hard copy material. Instead of addressing my concern, I was served a barrage of insults! I ceased communicating with her. Then on 22/10, I find an article (around date she was originally communicating with me) that shows my picture, insults my online material, and inclusive of extracts of our email trail conversation (not to full extent and naturally to her advantage)! I see this as a clear defamation of my character, aunlawful use of my image (without my knowledge or consent as it was extracted via still image of an online clip), and bullying behaviour as a result of me not taking out a paid ad with her! 

I see advice as I don't want to let her get away with this to her benefit! I have since taken down the Youtube content I had put up (for my project that I had received numerous thumbs up for), as I did not want to add to her content. However, it is detrimental to me now as no exposure to enable people to consider. As such, I will likely lose out on project I have put myself forward for! 

Please advise of price of Concerns Notice and effects from it being issued against her.