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Hi, I'm desperately seeking advice in this matter:
My partner of 11 years has completely, out of the blue been hit with a child support bill from kiwi land of nearly $55,000. He divorced his wife 10 yrs.ago and she went back to N.Z. to live with his 2 children (aged at the time 9 and 10).I know this may sound naive but Australian child support said he wouldn't have to pay child support for her over there. His ex. made our lives a misery before she left, i.e. going to legal aid constantly with blatant lies about their father, she was so nice to us when we picked up the kids every 2nd. weekend and we would help her when she needed it. Couldn't workout why she treated us like that and it was starting to do our heads in with the stress of it that we decided the only way out of it was to distance ourselves from it. We have never had any correspondence from the N.Z child support agency. Have never tried to hide where we are living, his daughter came over 4 yrs. ago for a holiday with us and they've always known where we live, (same address for over 8 yrs.) so why are we being treated like criminals and want their money by 6th. Nov. Letter arrived 10 days ago! We just don't have that kind of money (who does?). We have seen a solicitor who says we have to contact a N.Z. solicitor to help us legally. We did, and he said he can't help either (or doesn't want to.) Seeing another solicitor this Thursday. Is there anyone else who has been hit with a bill like this or knows anything we can do to resolve this matter. We've been told by a solicitor that Australian child support wipes outstanding bills after 12 mths! The kids are now 20 and 21 yrs. old. Please can anyone help us as this will wipe out all we have worked so hard for. Thanking you in advance for some advice.