by DarrenSmyth  05/02/2014  1438 Page Views
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I've had a judgement made against me in court, it was a default judgment as I wasn't present. I did make the legal firm (representing the creditor) aware I am most likely judgement proof, being unemployed and having no assets, but they progressed anyway. They've sent me a letter saying they'll progress with bankruptcy if I dont pay. just wondering what options there are here?

I'm happy to go bankrupt, no real issues I can see as I dont plan to be in normal society (jobs, cars, houses, mortgagees, etc) for many years. But before I let that happen I was wondering if anything sounds 'off' in this case? For example, if 'judgement proof', can they pursue the bankruptcy or is that off limits like pursuing debt repayment is?

I'm very ignorant of the law and my options in this area.