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Ok, I know there is no Shield act that protects Journalists in QLD.

But let me finish.
I'm a professional photographer and videographer and have been working on a documentary for the past 3-4 years, documenting the illegal street racing scene of Australia.

I know that recently in South Brisbane a group was raided and had hard drives taken by police with their incriminating hooning activities on it.

In Melbourne a man was charged with organising a criminal gang after hosting hoon gathering in industrial estates. And although I haven't done that. I wondered if they could pin that on me. Raid my home and take my computers.
Or with the newest QLD law in which you must identify the operator of a vehicle in hooning videos or you could face jail time.

Am I safe from any of this, is it safe to release my documentary after a certain number of years. What's the go here?

I couldn't have worked on this for years just to never release it at fear of ruining my own life.