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So My ex stepfather passed away last mum and him divorced about 5 years ago but still lived together for convenience..after his death one of the executors took cash that was in his wallet and told us to sort out items in his room between us..then after the funeral changed his mind and wanted everything..his will stated everything would be left to his sister including his half of the house....but the will has been revoked as its a copy not an original..we have been to two lawyers who havent been alot of help..we possibly have the original will that they sent us but as its not complete it may not be question is...can they keep his items if the will isnt accepted and his car he recently purchased?(They may have possibly sold the car...we dont know?) How do we let the court know they have taken these items? My mum cant afford another lawyer..she just wants to stay in the house..(the will stated she could keep living there for her lifetime)....thankyou!