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I bought a pair of shoes from a large store on the 26/10/09 (I have the receipt available). I wore the shoes on the 27/10/09 morning and realised that they were uncomfortable, gave me a lot of shoe bites and was ripping apart. So I promptly went back to the store and demanded that they exchange the shoes I was wearing for ones that actually fit me. They refused on basis that the shoes were worn and had no tags on.
Now the foolish part - On 29/10/09 I walked in the same store and left the shoes I was wearing on the shelf and tried walking out of the store with a smaller pair of shoes. I got caught by the undercover cop who charged me with stealing.
The store did not want to wipe the charge off and now I am left to appear in court late nov. The cops were understanding but said that they had no option but to charge me.
I have never done this before and would never condone it, but I was fired up by the fact that the store would not exchange a product that was not doing its job.
Will I get a criminal record if I plead guilty and explain my situation? (I am extremely worried about that).
Also am I being tried by the store or the state?