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I compete in road racing and this season had a crash during a race.

I was left with some quite significant injuries, lacerated elbow and left hip which required plastic surgery, broken left Trochlea (elbow) and Trochanteric Bursitis (basically severe hip pain every time I moved for a few weeks). Almost 2 months later Im just getting back on the bike and sporting some very impressive scars.

I was left of pocket a fair amount of money from the resulting medical bills despite not only having the highest category of health insurance cover with HBF and also being a Cycling Australia (CA) member. I won’t go into the health insurance side of things but after having completed all the CA forms, making numerous phone calls on their behalf and being lead to believe they would cover the gap in the payments they contributed absolutely nothing! The CA webpage statement of you will be covered “24/7 on the bike and includes personal accident, public liability & loss of income benefits” is pretty much bull! Any ideas of where I can go from here?