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Hi, my husband and I have been customers of Radio Rentals at the same shop for about 10 years now and have never let them down on their rent try buy options, its how we got our fridge etc,. Any way about 6 weeks ago we got a laptop computer on the same deal and (as before when needed) we ended up taking it to cash converters cause we needed the usual stuff like to pay for swimming lessons for our 8 year old, so my husband goes in to Cash Converters yesterday to pick up his mobile phone and was told by the staff there that the police want to talk to him about the laptop as radio rentals have advised that he was the registerd owner during the contract after that we get to buy it for a dollar, so it was put in at Cash Converters under my name and the store now tell's me that they have seized it as stolen goods, We have done this before with a TV and no one cared we have also done this with a dishwasher we were getting a couple of years ago but had to stay with the property when we sold and before our lives completely changed I was told back then by radio rentals that as long as we paid the fortnightly amount then they didn't care as we were purchaseing it (same with the laptop). My question is do the police have the right to tell the store and people that we know who work there that its stolen??? I'm too embarrassed to even check the letterbox they still haven't spoken to my husband and the laptop was contracted under his name but put in to Cashies under mine cause my husband didn't have the right ID.