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Me and the father of my now 2 year old son split when i was 7 months pregnant due to family violence and an IVO. After i had my son the birth certificate papers were sent to my ex which he never signed so i am the only named parent on the birth certificate.

He had a short period of time for 3 months at the end of last year where he got to meet our son and spend some time with him. He has now been absent again since January and not showing any effort towards spending time with our son.

I have made the decision to move interstate for a job and to be closer to my sons granparents, however my ex is now saying he is going to get a DNA test to prove his parentage and refuse our son from leaving the state.

what do you think my chances are if this goes to court of not being allowed to move? I am happy to pay for return flights for his father to come up and visit every 4 months if that helps.

I am also wondering from have this DNA test done what else does the entitle him to? and am i going to have this issue again when it comes to my sons schooling and holidays?