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All of this happened online, so I'm not sure what kind of lawyer to find or what country to pursue this in. Things happened between me (in the US) and someone in Australia.

He ruined my life, which I realize isn't very legal, but caused a great deal of emotional distress, including trips to psychiatrists and therapists. He lied about all life events to me and impersonated several other individuals that were supposedly involved in all kinds of situations. Each person he pretended to be was sexual with me. A lot of things like "if you don't do X with me, I'm going to hurt/kill myself" and threats of that nature were there. I realize I've been stupid by letting things take over my life, but I was convinced this person loved me and that others were interfering. It was manipulation to an extreme and he pretended to be others to add to his arguments and behaviors. The people he pretended to be do exist but it turns out I never interacted with them. Some of them now know that he did this. This started in 2014 and is still ongoing in a way. He is now in a mental health facility for dissociative identity disorder (DID). He may be getting help, but that does not change the fact that I suffered and am suffering because of his manipulation, intricate web of lies, and threats to hurt himself if I didn't do what he wanted. He admitted to everything he did recently.

I have several questions

1) What kind of lawyer do I find for this? Personal injury?
2) What country do I pursue this in - USA or Australia?
3) Is internet evidence enough? Luckily, everything is saved because it was all online in chat logs and such
4) Many of our interactions came from his employer's email/IM account - he pretended to be himself, as an employee, as well as one of the company owners. Can I go after the company since many lies and sexual messages came from this account?
5) Would this hold up in court? The pain and suffering I experienced were very, very real, even if all of his stories were not. I didn't know that they were all lies and that he was pretending to be others until recently. I thought we were crazy in love and all these terrible things kept happening to us, so I stayed by his side to help him through, not knowing that he was the reason we were so miserable to begin with
6) What's the statute of limitations on this?

I really did and do love him, however stupid that may seem now. I've been trying to give him chances to make it up to me by proving he's sorry and remorseful, but he's not, and that makes me think that he did all of this for his own amusement. The suffering I experience(d) is not a joke and he took away time in my life that I will never get back, along with wrecking my mental health.

I know this is a complicated situation. Thank you for the advice!