by Roderick  30/04/2018  105 Page Views
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Sometime ago, I applied for a job through an internet recruitment agency. Foolishly, I allowed the agency to leave a "cookie" on my computer which was used to monitor my internet browsing and track internet sites that I visited. In planting the cookie, the agent made statements that they would treat information collected confidentially and it would not be passed onto a third party. Even more foolishly, I visited some adult sites - none were illegal- which the recruiter used to disqualify me for the jobs I was seeking. Years later, details of my browsing history were passed onto a former director of the recruiter. I had worked for this person unaware that he was previously associated with the same recruitment firm. Last week, this person was asked to give his professional opinion regarding my work ( I had applied for a new job through another recruitment firm) I had previously enjoyed a productive working relationship with him', back then he had offered me additional work in our specialized field . To my dismay, he told the new recruiter that I was nor a suitable person because of the browsing history I've just talked about.

This all seems to me to be a gross invasion of privacy and possibly defamatory. I was the preferred candidate for this particular job -after the reference check my application was rejected

Does anyone have any thoughts on what legal action or legal remedy might be available to me?