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last year I reported a wrong suspicious activity(tip off) over a health profession and his patience to the department of health claiming that he has provided prescribed medication to his patience without checking and his patience has sent the medication overseas.....this is totally untrue...i only overheard and i never see it myself. during covid lock down, i was really suspicious all the time and depressed... and i only realize i made a mistake of reporting wrong info recently ... I told the deparmtnet of health that i tip off the wrong information. the agent (call centre) told me i won't get fine or go to jail...but I am so overwealm by the fact that i caused someone under criminal(i think) investigation and the case has handed over to the police. My questions: what is going to happen to me since I reported that i provided the wrong tip off information? Will I be charged and go to jail and have a bad police record? what is going to happen to the medical professional and his patience... they are currently waiting for the police to contact them...but will the police withdraw their charge since i have gone back to the deparment of health to admit that i did the wrong reporting? will they sue me but I did not know until recently i reported the wrong info... will i require to go to court / police station about this... will i lose my job because of this? i feel terrabily bad about me being too suspicious especially during the restricted lock down last year...i am depressed and i feel breathless and so down because of what i did without realizing i am causing others and myself a big big big troulbe!!! Please help to provide me some advice. much appreicated