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I fought so hard and spent thousands of dollars to fight my VRO as the respondent tried to get out of it.

I won and it became a final order for two years

He is due in court in 4 weeks for a text message he sent in April

Last night I received a text which was obviously for his new girlfriend after reading it. I reported it immediately, a few hours later the police called me back told me they had interviewed him and he said he made a mistake and never meant to send it to me. Now they don't think they can charge him.

How come I spend thousands on battling in court to get my final VRO, he's already due in court to face charges on texting me but the latest incident can see him getting off???

It shouldn't matter if it's a mistake or not, it's still controlling and abuse to me and I don't feel he should get away with it by him saying he texted me by mistake? It's been 7 months????

Your opinion?