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Hi all,

I have read over the past weeks / months that in certain circumstances it is best to lodge an Initiating application with the courts on both property and parenting orders. It has been stated on numerous occasions that this application can be lodged before mediation. I have attended a family relatioship centre and have started the process to try get the ex to join me at Mediation - no news as whether or not this will happen.

On the family courts initiating application Part E states "has the applicant obtained a certificate from a registered family dispute centre" . If no to obtain an exemption you must file an affadavit Non Filing of family dispute Certificate.

I am self representing.

1)What should I be saying in this affadavit when lodging the application as it will be lodged before medition?
2)With 2 kids aged 4 and 7 (no complications on schooling etc as live close to ex)- similar earning capacities - would 50/50 split on property and kids living arrangements seen as fair by courts (what could be more fair????)

Thanks in advance for your assistance - much appreciated