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Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone experience of this?

I had a few fines from speeding, maybe 5 of them in total, the fines would be maybe 6 or 7 years old when I was working down under but I was aware at some point at least one of them turned into an infringement warrant as I moved address a few times, I got a letter forwarded which was from the 'Sheriff'. The original fines were like 104 in a 100 or something silly like that, worst one was like 10k over so no silly speeds, I think one was a red light camera. It seemed a generic scare you letter. The costs involved were very very high I remember seeing.

I left Australia some 5 years ago and forgot about them till I realise I have to go back there soon. Am I going to be in the slammer at the airport till I pay or do they expire and I can walk in and out with no bother?

I am hoping that they just expire under a statue of limitations or something like that?

Rach x