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Hi guys , A Big hello to everyone .This is my First Post .
This is about the infringement notice that I got yesterday. the whole SAGA goes like this that my little one was sitting in her child seat and I was pulled up for Drink Driving .

All clear on that note but as the officer approached and he noticed that my 3 year old girl did not had strap on her shoulders but the seat belt was fastened the , one on the waist .

My wife was sitting beside her . it was dark and she could not knew when she had them off. I requested the officer that it was on we did not realise that when she took them off. He was absolutely rude and not listen to anything . He goes that child should not be taking them off , its not legal bla bla bla ...

Please suggest me what should I do . I recan its not fair at all and he did not listen to anything and I told him that I would take the matter to the court, he said go for it and tell the story to the magistrate.

Look forward for your advice and suggestions . Thanking you in anticipation .

vikas2018-03-31 12:55:06