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I am currently going through a property settlement with ex wife. We agreed to sell and investment property and used a conveyance solicitor that had used before. My wife had worked in the business adjacent to his for over 10 years and were acquaintances. During the whole sale process it was my view that the solicitors office was very biased towards me and made the process very difficult. One issue was that during our separation I was forced to put a tenant into the rental property until it was sold. I did this without my ex knowledge or consent because she was refusing to respond to any of my communication about selling the property or progressing any other part of property settlement. Nor was she contributing financial. The buyer requested a copy of the rental ledger as part of the sale. I sent the ledger to the solicitor to forward on. The only other person i sent that ledger to was the tenant who has never been in contact with my ex. My ex wife has asked for me to provided disclosure of rental payments to my ex but accidentally a couple of the transactions where missing. It was unintentional. She picked up that they were missing and requested further disclosure listing specific transaction dates that were missing. The thing is the tennant paid at completely random times and was not regular. The only way she could have got that information is if the conveyancing solicitor gave her that information from my email correspondence with him. I know my ex is entitled have a copy of the information in the rental ledger she hasn’t ask for me to disclose it yet though. I shall give to her in due course. My question is has the conveyancing solicitor breached any privacy laws if he shared that information with her that came from private email between him and myself. Eg could he forward it to the buyer and cc my ex in and say thats how she got the information? The only other way she could get that information is if she has access to my emails. Unlikely but possible. It’s my belief she got it from him but I would like to investigate further so that is one of the reasons for the question. Has he given her the information to her and has he done it legally or illegally.