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I've been subject to sexual harassment, bullying in the workplace, so severe it caused psychological harm (suicidal)

I no longer work there but I'm getting the courage to seek civil action against them. At the recommendation of my psychiatrist and sexual assault counsellor, I went to the police to report my fear if the guy contacts me if I start civil action and that if I probably won't have the courage to take him being that he intimidates me.

Being that I'm so weak emotionally, they were concerned for my wellbeing, they served an interim intervention order on the guy and I'm just waiting for the court date.

I feel like I don't have any control over my situation as the police have done this on my behalf and I'm concerned that the order isn't granted - the guy is very charming and his catch phrase is "I always win."

What should I expect on the day of court (have never gone to court before) and is there anything I should bring? All I've got is a psychiatrist report why its not safe that he has contact with me and my evaluation and a few emails where I said his behaviour made me suicidal and a few texts where I captured his sexual harassment but apart from that everything he does, he does it in person.
I'm scared being in the same room as the guy also, I feel sick that I have to come face to face with him and I'm scared what he'll do if I don't get the order.

FYI I'm in Victoria, thanks.