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Hi there, Me and my Mom have signed a tenancy agreement for a room in QLD with a lease and occupant of a unit staying in the same unit on the bond lodgement form with dates of our lease period and also receipt of them receiving our bond.

I have found that they have lied about the total rent they are paying for the property and in turn we have been paying them a significantly higher portion than what is the rent asked for by the owner/property manager for the last 1 year.

On vacating the premise they have claimed we have damaged their table but did not provide us with an entry condition report when we moved in and when asked to what condition or photos of the condition of the table we have damaged they could not provide any. They did not also lodge our bond to RTA and are holding our bond in ransom even if after we do repair the condition of the chair to what it was when we moved in until they receive their final utilities notice and we pay for that- are they allowed to do this?

I guess my question is,

Do I have any rights as a subtennant to report this to RTA as we have used the proper real estate bond lodgement form with receipt of receiving the bond and have a written agreement of our tenancy period, with lease periods and bond conditions as well as statutory declaration confirming that we leased the room for x period from the lease holder? I also believe they have illegal sublet the apartment to us without the landlord/owner/property managers permission or knowledge so I will report this to RTA as well.

Any help will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.