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My parents live in Newcastle and have a huge problem with people illegally parking in their driveway.

They live next to a high school - people drive into their driveway (on their property) and park in front of their garage, they park across the entrance to the driveway on the street, they double park in front of the driveway - at end of school there is utter chaos as parents and buses compete for a space. It is not only during school hours - at night and on weekends there are functions at the school - and this is worse as the people get out, leave their car, and go up to the school where they may wait half an hour to pick up their child from a function.

My Mum (80) has tried speaking to the drivers, speaking to the school Principal, the RTA, the police, and the council. The Council says it has insufficient parking officers to send out.

Once they blocked their driveway with a sprinkler and the bus driver got out and threw it against their garage, smashing it.

What else can they do? If either of my parents had to leave in an emergency, they could be stranded.

Thanks for any suggestions.