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Hey there!

I'm a German law student and I'm doing some research for my bachelor thesis at the moment, in which I want to compare Australian and German jurisdiction concerning secondary liability of internet intermediaries / internet account holders. In Germany we already have a lot of cases dealing with - for example - to what extent parents are liable for illegal file sharing activities caused by their kids, or to what extent an internet cafe owner is liable for illegal file sharing activities caused by his customers. I couldn't find any Australian cases dealing with this topic so far. I just found a case, in which music companies were alleging three Australian universities for illegal file sharing caused by its staff /students, but due to procedural reasons the universities' computers weren't examined (at least not thoroughly enough).
Do you have any other cases dealing with this topic? Maybe in lower courts?


P.S. I know my English isn't perfect, but I hope you will understand what I mean :)
Malou2014-01-31 23:42:22