by DonnaLee  31/08/2005  1034 Page Views
3 Comments  Family & de facto law, financial agreements, consent orders
I have been seperated from my husband now for over 12 months, our court hearing for our Divorce is on the 6/9/05 there is one child involved.  My Questions is, as when we split, we sorted out our furnishings and cars as to whom got what.  But now I am being asked to do a property settlement.  I do believe that he maybe able to go me for further items up to 12 months after the divorce.  My questions is, if we have not house, and the cars he has one and I have one (me paying the difference between my car to his - yes I know it was silly) and furniture as be sorted ages ago.  Is a property Settlement still required to be done?  If one is to be done, can you just download the papers from the family law web site and fill these in and signed by both parties and post these into the Family court?  If this is correct what is the fee's involved in this?  I just need advise as I dont have alot of money to throw away on Solictors and courts fees.  So would love to agree out of court?  We have spoken about this, and both agree that he walked with what he has & I have got what I have.  And we do not touch each others super.  I have had problems in the past with him paying Childsupport and recently they took enforcement action against him to pay and garnished his Tax Return.  PLEASE HELP