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I made mistakes on either the last or last two timesheets. I didn't mean to, I did a shitty job of book keeping, that's on me, I messed up, slowly and negliently.

However the sums that I have been accused of do not half way meet missing super and petty cash transactions.

In money that appears missing in my super, of which I know he has outstanding complaints against him for, the money I had paid for the buisness in expectation of reimbursement and obviously in the wages from the previous fortnight all sums by far exceed the amount the hours would be valued at.

I believe he will withold every dollar he can and given his own misdealings will not pursue legal action. He pays partly cash and has a longstanding series of complaints for not paying super.

Is there some way to pursue the funds unrelated to wages? As I see it I have zero shot of getting those unpaid wages, however I am losing a lot in the balance between what i have been accused of and what I am rightfully owed.