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I am a 26 year old girl married to person who is a permanent resident in Australia, I married him in Oct, 2012 in INDIA. I have been granted permanent spouse visa in May 2013. But since I moved in Australia to live with my husband, I have been sexually and physically harassed.he has aslo done cybercrime against me. I am going to file a complain in police against him, but I am not sure how all this is gonna effect my visa. And more importantly will Australian family law will protect me, as I am not a permanent residence of Australia , i am here on spouse visa. He is calling my family and friends and threaten everybody and says he will kill me and destroy my life.
I will really appreciate any help from your side, please suggest me anything. I was also financially dependent on my husband, as I left my job in India to be with him in Australia. Now I am just staying at friends house, as I am afraid of him.
My first priority is to end all this and to get him punished for all his wrongdoing. My question is will I be able to stay here after this.