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I need advice as I do not know anyone in my company to discuss and raise this issue with.
-     I was not offered any assistance from HR or any one from the company in dealing with this situation.
-     This is a missed opportunity which I will never will get in my life,
-     It could jeopardize my income because of someone else’s mistake.   

I am a full time employee in a large national company. I have been working on joint venture (2 companies) project for almost past 2 years and the Project is nearing completion.
A few weeks ago Human Resource Manager advised me that my end date on the project is going to be within couple of Months (end of July for argument sake).
I asked the HR manager whether they had anything in mind or whether they were looking to transition me to another project. HR manager response to me was; I am not part of you company and that I need to contact my company HR to seek any advice regarding any transfers.
Based on his advice I starting applying for jobs.
A week later I received a call for one of the jobs that I applied, which happened to be with my current company, at another state and they offered me a role on a 5 year project.

The current project HR refuses to release me from this project and now they are telling me that I need to stay for another 2 month.

After another week of toing and froing, I argued that I acted on their advice and I do not want at any cost to miss the 5 year opportunity at another project. Also, the HR manager did not provided any assistance to relocate me after my completion of services to the current project.

Another meeting was set with my manager and HR advised me that they mistakenly notified me of my completion date !
Again, I raised the facts and noted that they are not guaranteeing or matching any positions after the current project completion and this is unfair to me. They still refused to sympathies with me and refused to allow me to transfer across.

Summary of the events
1.     I was told by HR I am finishing my current project within a month
2.     HR advised me that they will not be able to assist me to find or move to another project
3.     I applied for an interstate role with my current company and they wanted me onboard
4.     When current HR project was notified, they refused to release/ transfer me
5.     HR latter claimed this was an error on their part.
6.     Subsequent to the events, another meeting took place and HR advised me that they are not releasing me. HR also refuse to guarantee me any future roles after this project is complete.

Legal Guidance
1.     What are my rights at law in dealing with this situation?
2.     Is there a case for me to seek further Legal advice?

Thanks and appreciate your feedbacks
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