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A lady here was recently in the process of making a joint application for divorce via the online efiling system.

They got as far as getting the two affidavits required - one each - to swear to the fact they were long time separated even though living under the same rooof.

Then events led to her dashing off to a solicitor in some distress and asking the solicitor to do it.

The solicitor quoted something like $800 for the task.  Plus the $900 govt fee.

The solicitor rang the husband asking him to go down to the office and sign an application affidavit and he declined.  Nothing more happened.

Then the two commenced again their efiling.

The wife asked the solicitor to return the documents, especially, of course, the affidavits.

The solicitor returned them and proferred an invoice for > $700.

The wife again was very emotionally disturbed, in shock we could say.

The couple  proceeded with their diy.

It was completed in a day at a cost, of course, of less than  $50 plus the govt fee: $900.

On the face of it how valid does this solicitor's performance appear to have been?