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Hey guys

So in feb/march of 2017 my former partner and i split and we had just finished construction of a house together and at that time she had no place she could live so i said she could stay in the house. We made a verbal agreement that we would put the house on the market after 1 year to avoid capital gains. After that agreement i told her that if the house had not sold by the end of 2018 i would like the opportunity to live in the house i helped pay for.

The hiuse has now been on the market since July and has had very little meaningdul interest from buyers. Recently i contacted her again and asked about moving in amd she said if i tried to come anywhere near the house she would call the police. Ive looked into sole/exclusive occupancy but have no idea what form or the process to go through to do so. Even if im not living in the house, which she has been earning rental income off, am i entitled to compensation now or even during property settlement and then how do i go about property settlement?

Im located in WA and dont really have the funds available to secure legal representation

Any help is greatly appreciated