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we have signed a commercial lease our shop for 3 Years with 3 x 3 options to renew it 

Our lease will expire next month and we have emailed to the shop owner about exercising our option in the lease and he has replied back that he is happy to extend it. 

It would be helpful if some one please advice what is the exact procedure to renew/extend our lease ? 

Any New Lease document ( form 7 ) to sign 

Any Lease Amended ( sorry dont know legal form number ? ) to sign ( rent and conditions remains same - nothing changes 

our email is sufficient has legal notification for exercising an option ( dont know form number again sorry ) 

we are in Brisbane Queesnlad - 

I really appreciate your response , I understand I cannot get legal advice but would like to know general practice and procedure for extending commercial lease and links to relevant websits for download forms.( where available ) . 

Thank you so much in advance.