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Hoping someone can provide some advice on how to enforce a consent order from a number of years ago.

Some wife was previously married but then divorced her ex husband and they agreed and lodged a consent order with Family Courts WA in 2009, 5 years ago. They sold their house and split the proceeds 50/50 and she purchased a new house by herself with these proceeds. They also owned a boat and other items which they agreed to split 50/50, equalling $103,000 each. He was keeping the boat and other items and would transfer her the agreed amount. The $103,000 number wasnt specifically mentioned in the consent order, the wording was along the lines of 50% each of other personal assets. On the day of settlement for her new house her ex decided not to pay her the $103,000. My wife managed to get the money through the bank/family and didn't hold up settlement. However she didnt chase him down for this money at the time as she just wanted to be rid of him. Is there anyway that she could now enforce him to pay the 50% of the personal assets? Or is it too late to do anything about this?