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Hello, I am studying my degree, with reasonable adjustments in place (as per the universities obligations) .
*I was not happy with a new assistive technology worker's assistance (or lack thereof) .
*I made an informal complaint, which resulted in head of department bullying me, rather than investigating my concern, she was angry that I made a complaint.
*I then esculated to formal complaint (which wasn't properly investigated by deputy vice-chancellor, as the deputy vice-chancellor investigating was clearly friends and on the side of the head of department which I complained about formally) .
*I then esculated the matter further with more complaints (which were very detailed) . Which were responded to only summarily and I believe by an inappropriate person to be doing the investigation, because as per university policy, the investigation should be done by someone higher up, therefore someone higher up than deputy vice-chancellor should have investigated.
*I do have email evidence which shows ongoing issues where sufficient support needs were not reasonably met (regarding my disability needs) .
*I also have what I believe, very strong evidence that the complaints I made were not properly or thoroughly investigated. For example, the person investigating the complaints against deputy vice-chancellor, asked the vice-chancellors secretary/note taker about what happened in a meeting, and was asked with her employer there. They supposedly gave an exact same recount of something which occured (which is unlikely/implausible unless they were both asked while in the same room, and of course the secretary doesn't want to disagree with her boss when he is there, even if he is being untruthful) .
*I believe there is some very strong evidence to show a 'preponderance of evidence' civil burden of proof, to support my claims of bullying and harassment by staff, as well as a failure in their duty of care, and also a failure in their requirement to make reasonable adjustments for me to continue education (with disabilities) .
*I have now been suspended from the University, for not attended a 'health assement' meeting, which I did not know about, and which I was unable to attend on their demand, due to me being on break from university over summer and not being available to attend a hearing (hearing was stems from the deputy vice-chancellor making a vexatious and fictitious claim/allegation/complaint about me, in retaliation for me having made complaints against him) .
*I am now determined to follow up with some civil litigation, as I feel it is the only way to force the higher up level of university to act appropriately and responsibility, instead of just not investigating things properly because they are friends of the person/'s I made complaints against and thus believe everything they say without question, however believe nothing I say without concrete evidence (which I kind of have, since 1 complaint against me was physically impossible, somebody allegedly viewed me doing something, where they would need to see around a corner, and through a door, and up a corridor) . They also alleged I ran through a door which has a button, then opened very slowly (alleged they were threatened by me running, through a door which is impossible to run through) .
*I am in Wollongong, but quite happy to travel to Sydney or further, for someone who would be great at this particular litigation .
*However, I have absolutely no idea where to start, in finding a good legal representation for this matter. I have no or little money, so it would have to be on a no fee basis (until I win) or possibly someone or some organization may take up this matter as a matter of public interest for the greater good and betterment of society and to prevent future unfair and unjust practices at public institutions who would prefer to believe their employees unequivocally, instead of investigating matters fairly, unbiased and equally.
*I would like to be able to find out if their are any legal representatives whom have successfully argued similar cases. Perhaps that would be a good place to start, in my search for a suitable lawyer etc ?
Thank you all for reading.