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I have been together with my husband 5 years and we have a 3.5 year old child. However , we have only married for 4 months.
I was studying at Uni and working part-time the time we were together. The last 6 years I have had a small home business bringing in a modest income.

During the entire time we have been together I have paid for 80% of bills, all groceries, furniture and household goods. The mortgage is only in his name and he has paid the mortgage and rates on the property since it was bought.

Our house has equity of ~ $130,000. His super has about $70,000. I have no Super and University fee debts of about $25,000.

The reason I left is because he seems to have an escalating problem with drugs. Previously only an occasional pot smoker, this has in the past 2 months moved to a whole other level with other drugs. There have also been other issues with him, e.g. intimidation etc. I am attending counselling for myself, but feel I can no longer cope with his problems so don't want marital counselling. Would this look bad from the courts POV since I appear unwilling to work on the relationship?

I would like at least 80% custody of our son (if not more as I don't feel happy about leaving him there with the possibility of drugs in the house).

He was on a good income of 120,000 pa, but left this job 2 weeks ago to work in a friends business. It is very likely he will lie about his future income and be paid in cash so he doesn't have to pay as much child support.

Sorry if I gave too much info, but wanted to mention anything that might be relevant

A few questions -

How much super/house would I be entitled to?

He is currently living in our house, and I am living with my parents. Is there any way he could be forced to move out so I can get the house ready to sell? As the house needs a fair bit of work so we can get a reasonable sale price and he can't be relied on to do it.

What generally happens in regards to child custody?

Any advice would be great, thanks
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