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Hi, My home burnt down recently and had a terrible experience with the Police that attended. A couple of issues are concerning me and I was wanting some advice.

Firstly the Police restrained me from entering a section of the home that was not on fire and did so by trying to break my arm pushing it behind my back , I free'd myself and was threatened with being charged with assault ? I cannot fathom how this kind of treatment is acceptable. 

What powers do the police actually have , as I was solely focused on trying to save our dogs that were in the home. 2 dogs perished in the fire , one was found by the fire crews some 30mins after i was trying to enter the home, he had a heartbeat , but died of smoke inhalation , ther was no burns , which suggested, I could have saved the Dogs.

I begged the police to kick a door in and allow me to call them , I was restrained. 

I asked them to look the other way while i kicked the door in , let me call them and i would happily accept any charges they felt they wanted to enforce.

I was restrained from using my Garden home to try to protect the home ?

How is this legal , and under what law can they dictate to me about trying to saves the lives of our dogs , and home.

Also following the incident , 2 detectives were at the home during the fire investigation, and while talking with them , I mentioned my digust at the treatment by officers at the time ,and was basically set upon by both detectives. 1 Detective abused me and spat in my face , and again threatened to charge me with assault. I was unaware i could be charged with assault for speaking honstly and directly about my interaction with the police , by the police.

I was calm , non threatening and basically was just speaking honestly during this incident.

Now dealing with insurance , and finding we are under insured for our contents, I feel compelled to ask , why I am not allowed to try to rescue my belongings , and can the police be accountable in any way , as I had access to areas of the home, that were not fire affected , and could have saved some items ?  

Can i firstly make a compliant , and pursue this matter , or I am better off just letting the matter go.