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Hello everyone, I hope this is the right place to ask such a question. It may seem trivial but I have no experience with this and haven't been the best student either. I need to write a rather specific court order as homework (something I didn't expect to have to do really). It would have to be about fraudulent ecommerce, so in short, a website that claims to sell something, but in some way screws over their customers, for an example taking in the payment but not sending out any products, or misusing the payment details used for the payment. I have to write a court order that would counter and stop the activities of such a website. My first thoughts were on a cease and desist order (looking at a texas court order for bitconnect), but I am still not sure at all what I need to create. If it matters, I am studying in the UK. Could anyone please help me with this, any advice would be appreciated, or any examples of something similar. Thank you very much!