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Family & de facto law, financial agreements, consent orders
Hi Everyone

We have school holidays starting today here in Qld. My court orders say that I get the 1st half of the holidays and my ex has the 2nd half. He has not seen the children since Oct last year (his choice). Our change over during the holidays is at vacation care at the school. I sent my ex an email 1 week ago asking him if he was going to have the children these holidays and asked him to let me know by 9am today so that I can book the vacation care etc. He has not replied to my email (he never does). I know that he has the right to have the children on his time etc and I would never stop that but with that said is it fair enough to say that I should not have to put them into vacation care next Monday knowing full well that he wont be taking them. I have 4 children and the cost for the vacation care is $30 each so I do not find it fair that I have to pay $120 even though he is not going to pick them up and I do not need them to be in vacation care. Like I said I emailed him 1 week ago to let me know by today and he has not - is this fair enough for me to just go about and plan what I want for the holidays?