by PeterBne5  29/10/2009  1151 Page Views
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Hi there.

44yr old male blew .203 outside my house but had keys in car.

A couple of questions:

1) Can I obtain a copy of the Police QP9 report prior to Court (2 weeks) or can it only be provided to legal rep?

2) Are police required to provide QP9 prior or can they simply give it over on the day of the case?

3) I was on an open licence but due to accummulation of points (3 or 4 speeding tickets in '08) have been on a 2 point licence for 11 months. Prior to that no traffic offences for 5/6 years. I had a DUI back in '86

Any idea what sort of fine and suspenion I can expect?

Any help greatly appreciated.