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My parents divorced when I was one, but my mother did not have sole custody and he had visitation rights until a restraining order was placed on him in 1999. My father remarried an evil *ahem* in 1997 and died in 2006. I was never informed about his death and found out a couple of months ago only incidentally after trying to contact his relatives in Holland.
I don't understand how it could happen, that three years went by and I was never informed... but now I'd like to find out if he had a will and whether it would be too late to claim inheritance. If he didn't leave a will, would there be any chance?

Further info: I am his only child and relative in Australia.

By the way, I'm living in Germany at the moment, so have limited access to legal advice in Australia.

kasattasak2009-11-10 04:52:59