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Hi everyone, I'm after some advice for my friend's son.

Quick details.... Parents seperated mum moved about a bit with the children.. Finally moved back to NSW and dad had been able to re establish his relationship with the kids. Mum decided to move interstate again without letting dad know so the court cases begin. Mum was ordered by the court to return to nsw whilst things were  being sorted. Kids are with dad every 2nd weekend and half of all holidays.  Mum wants to return interstate so hence the court case.

Today dad was advised by his lawyer that he needed a Barrister for the next appearance and was told that they can be very expensive.

Is there any specific reason why he would need to go from a lawyer to a barrister.

He is heart broken and says that he may need to let her go interstate as he can not afford the barrister, this seems so unfair, dad works and it will make seeing his children so much harder.

He is a good dad. pays maintennance and is always available to have the children when it's his turn and also  when the mum askes him to have them for extra days.

Any thought or suggestions that I can pass on would be appreciated.