by injusticed87  31/10/2012  793 Page Views
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I have been working through an employment agency for 8 months for a well known company. My boss at this company has been sexually harrassing me for months. I finally got the courage to report him to the agency I work for. I provided a written statement and a copy of a recording I took of him saying disgusting things to me and me telling him this was not appropriate. I was asked to leave work immediately and not return on the grounds of an unsafe workplace. These allegations were forwarded to the companies HR mangement who conducted an investigation. After investigation was done they came back to tell me that the evidence was unsubstantiated and they wont be taking any action. I didnt realise recordings of an employer asking a female coworker out to dinner and asking why they havent kissed yet, or telling her sexual annecdotes about sleeping with younger coworkers and asking why I dont love him etc cannot be considered substantial evidence. I worry that because I was on a casual contract that I have no grounds for unfair dismissal. However if this guy has been deemed innocent then why was I pulled from my job? I feel disgusted and injusticed and I worry it will happen again to someone. Do I have grounds for anything?