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Coworkers constantly undermining me .  For example  they know that i will know the answer to the question, but will ask a staff who doesnt know anything.  Or if a co worker has asked me to assist them with something, another coworker will push in and say what i am doing is not important .  In team meetings , if i try to put my point accross i will get cut off.  

Also if there is a procedure that has always been followed for 3 years, and suddenly i am told it was never this way by my manager  and i have confirmed with another staff member who does the same task is this a form of manipulation ? 

If i ask a staff member to do a task, they will take forever to do it or wont do it at all. 

Also when higher up managers come in from meetings and CEOS come in for meetings, my manager always tries to lecture me on something that i didnt do wrong whcih another member in the team screwed up, when i explain to my manager that the team member is doing a mistake, my manager will turn it into that it was my responsibility or how it was a shared mistake. 

My supervisor infront of higher up managers will talk to me as if i was born yesterday even though i have been in the job for 10 years and the supervisor has less experience that me. The supervisor is always confused and in sheer panic when something goes wrong and always asks me what to do. 

The team like to manipulate situations to make it seem that i dont know what i am doing . 


Is this harrasment , bullying or intimidation ?