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hi iam so feed up i have a daughter to this man ,i left him because i was in an abusive relationship mentally and physically,bubs was bout 7mths old wen i had just had enuf.since then has een a nite mare bubs is 20mths old now,her dad used to ring me up threating me saying he was going to kill me and take our daughter hes now on an intervention order,since this 3months ago hed made no attempt to see his daughter unless i rang him and said would u like too see her,regardless how he trearted me his still her dad,we had made arrangements for him to see her but everytime he has broken them or just hasnt even shown he makes excuses all the time one of them been the avo.iv tryed to keep him involeved with our baby but he just isnt interested,then he turns it around on me and says ur stoping me from seeing  her hes mentally unstable and now am not sure if i want her knowing him but then i start to feel guilty.sorry this is so long just trying to give u the pic of it all,any addvise would be great.